Baselang Day 5

I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to study Spanish today, but I made sure I got the minimum of 2 hours on Baselang and I did it all in the morning with 2/3 of my favorite teachers. Today’s post won’t be as long as the others.

Lesson 18: 10am-11am with Oriana
She had previously done such fantastic jobs with helping learn grammatical structures that I knew I wanted her to be the one who would continue to guide me on the journey of subjunctive tenses. As I expected, she did a fantastic job in helping me understand them better, create sentences with them and use them in conversation.

I genuinely feel like I have a hang of them now and we even dabbled a little more into subjunctive and conditional tenses together. I even asked her how to remember vocabulary I have learned and she told me that if I book another lesson with her, we can discuss it then.

Lesson 19: 11am-12pm with Johana
I had so much fun with yesterday’s song lyrics lesson and today morning I was extremely motivated to write in Spanish. I decided I would write about my previous trip to Singapore. I asked her to help me with my pronunciation in the lesson, correct my grammar in the text and provide me with information on how to improve.

What I loved was that on top of all of this, she even asked me questions based on the text which, of course, allowed me to expand more on what I wanted to say and helped me get in some conversational practice as well.

Day 5 conclusion:
This all may not seem like much but I previously thought I would need one entire month of half an hour per week classes to get all of this done. I love that I have found one teacher for each aspect of the language that I would love to learn and I learn more than I expected was possible.

*This post contains affiliate links. I am not being paid by Baselang to promote their services. All of the information I have shared are my experiences and genuine opinion. However, should you use my link to try Baselang and become a paying customer, I will get one month of free lessons.

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