Baselang Day 3

I decided to further explore the Baselang website and try to discover if there was anything I was missing out on, and indeed there was. Today was spent in a mixed way but it was productive nonetheless.

Lesson 10: 10:30am-11am with Susanna
All lessons in the medical elective is free. There was no way I was not going to take advantage of it. We went through a simple elective about words I’d use if I went to the doctor and I learned that a lot of the names of drugs in Spanish is very similar to that of in English. I loved that there were pictures in the slides and we covered two lessons in an hour. I wished there was a way that we could have practiced a conversation with it so I would remember it better. However, Baselang does suggest we use memrise web to make flashcards with the words we learned.

Lesson 11: 12pm-12:30pm with Jhon
I have always felt more comfortable with female teachers, but I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone, mainly because I wanted someone to teach me about football. There was only one lesson in the Sports elective called FIFA World Cup that was about football and it was for level 8 students. However, I knew I wanted to try it and my teacher was happy to help.

Some words I was very familiar with, while others I had no idea what they meant. He was incredibly helpful and what I loved best about the lesson was at the end, there were a few questions for me to answer that prompted me to use the vocabulary I had learned.

Lesson 12: 12:30pm-1pm with Johana
This was my second lesson with her and she is definitely one of the best. We spoke about football as well as I wanted to continue practicing it. I also managed to practice past tense as I spoke about how I got into watching football in the first place. Overall it was exactly what I needed.

Lesson 13: 7pm-7:30pm with Iraima
I decided I wanted to search for a teacher who was more focused on grammar to help me make sure I was using the right tenses when I was speaking. While she was really helpful as I spoke to her all about my trip to Thailand when I was a kid, I did feel like I was making more mistakes than usual or that I did not have as much confidence. It could be that my other teachers weren’t correcting my every mistake and wanted to focus on my fluency.

Either way, at the end of the lesson, as with every lesson I have taken, I am always told that my Spanish is quite good but I needed more practice to work on my tenses, silencing my h when i say words it starts with and using por and para correctly.

Lesson 14: 9:30pm-10pm with Maryann
This was my second lesson with her and I enjoyed it very much. She was really nice and I asked her to teach me a lesson from the travel elective so I could learn how to speak about my holidays which seems to be what I talk about most of the time.

My favorite part about the lesson with her was that she would not only explain the meaning of a word to me, but also use it in a sentence so I could see it used in context. She also asked me more questions than was provided in the slideshow.

Day 3 Conclusion:
I had two and a half hours of lessons today and I enjoyed it all completely. My confidence in speaking Spanish is on a whole new level. I recently discovered what Baselang calls Sandbox mode which are alternative activities to do in each lesson and I intend to try it in the next lessons.

*This post contains affiliate links. I am not being paid by Baselang to promote their services. All of the information I have shared are my experiences and genuine opinion. However, should you use my link to try Baselang and become a paying customer, I will get one month of free lessons.

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