Baselang Day 1

The first thing I noticed on Baselang was that due to the time difference, I would be able to have classes from 6pm in the evening to 12:30pm in the afternoon the next day. Although I had signed up for the program earlier, I could only start the lesson much later. Here’s how it all went down.

Lesson 1: 6pm-6:30pm with Keily
It was my first lesson and I was nervous. I had even planned out how to explain that I was rusty in the language because I had not spoken it in a couple of months. However, Keily made me feel so incredibly comfortable that none of it was ever necessary.

She welcomed me to Baselang and begun with their introductory process. I had to answer simple questions such as where I was from, why am I learning Spanish, what do I need help with, what type of teacher do I prefer and so on.

She also conducted a quick short test to determine my level and concluded that I was at level 5 (from 0-9) but needed to review a couple of lessons from the previous levels. Something to note is that they usually finish a half an hour lesson five minutes earlier so they have time to update our progress in our profile for our next teacher to review from.

Lesson 2: 8pm-9pm with Maryann
This was my first official lesson and I was ready to get down to business. As soon as the lesson began, we spent a couple of minutes introducing ourselves and she immediately asked me what I wanted to do in the lesson. Naturally, I asked for help with my Spanish tenses.

The first one we went over was the Spanish past progressive. There was a slide show for the lesson where the conjugation was shown to me first, and then one -ar, -er and -ir verb were each conjugated to further give me a better idea of how it would work and at the end there were example sentences so I could see it used in context.

This was perfect for me because right after, I was prompted to use the tenses I had just learned, making sure that I not only understood it, but that I was also able to use it in real life context. All I had left to do was practice them again and they would surely be stuck in my head.

Lesson 3: 9:30pm-10pm with Noira
From the very first second, I could tell that she was high-spirited and extremely passionate about teaching. It was the most effective half an hour lesson I have had with any Spanish teacher anywhere.

She seemed to follow a similar procedure as the teacher before her. However, after showing me how some verbs were conjugated, she gave a few verbs and asked me to conjugate them. This absolutely elevated the experience of learning for me.

Day 1 Conclusion:
I have had two hours of lessons so far and I have enjoyed every single one of them. The best part, however, is that their teaching methods are incredibly effective and efficient as well. I am extremely excited for the next few days and to see what it has in store for me.

*This post contains affiliate links. I am not being paid by Baselang to promote their services. All of the information I have shared are my experiences and genuine opinion. However, should you use my link to try Baselang and become a paying customer, I will get one month of free lessons.

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    Love how detailed and informative your blog posts are!


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