Baselang Spanish: What is it?

Hello everyone,

As you may already know, I am learning Spanish. However, I got a little tired of the routine that I had grown accustomed to and was desperately in need of something new to spice it up and make learning Spanish exciting again. That is where Baselang comes in.

What is Baselang?

Baselang is an online website that allows you to take language lessons. The only language they are offering on this website is Spanish. Click here or the word “Baselang” in any part of this text to check it out.*

What makes it so special?

  1. Unlike other websites, you can book lessons five minutes before the lesson starts. This means if you find yourself having some free time with nothing to do, you can simply find a teacher available and book a lesson.
  2. You don’t pay for every lesson. You pay a monthly fee, and then you can take as many lessons as you would like every single day for that month. There are teachers available for 18 hours every single day.
  3. There is a set curriculum but you do not have to follow it. At the start of every class, your teacher will ask you if you would like to have a specific lesson or simply have a conversation. It is entirely up to you.
  4. There are two types of courses available. The first one is called Real World and as the name suggests, it is focused on real world conversational practice. The second one is called DELE and is for those who are planning to take the DELE exam.

Things you should know:

  1. All of their teachers are from Venezuela. However, you can inform them that you would like to learn Spanish from Spain and they will focus on that instead.
  2. It is $149/month for Real World and $189/month for DELE. Whether or not this is expensive or cheap is depending on you. If you have time to take an hour of lesson every single day, then this will be worth it.
  3. They use zoom instead of skype. Therefore, you will have to download this app on your device. It is not a big deal and this is done because the connection is apparently better on zoom than it is on skype.

The first week is a trial week on Baselang and you can do it for only $1. After that, should you wish to continue, you will be charged their monthly fee based on which course you choose.

I decided that I would try out their Real World program for a week and let all of you know how it goes. So keep a look out for more updates from me in the near future.

Much Love,

*This post contains affiliate links. I am not being paid by Baselang to promote their services. All of the information I have shared are my experiences and genuine opinion. However, should you use my link to try Baselang and become a paying customer, I will get one month of free lessons.

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