No Time like the Present

We spend an awful lot of time assuming we’ll live forever. Every single day we perform the exact same routines that make us feel comfortable unaware that there is where the problem lies.

We postpone plans on the bet that we can find ourselves the time and freedom do the things we truly want to do later on. After all, we have to follow the traditional path that has been laid out for us:

Go to school for 12 years, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, retire and then finally relax and do anything you could have wanted.

How is it that we’re not painfully aware of the sword each of us have hanging over our heads? Is it not a wake up call each time you realize no one knows when it will fall?

Why do we go about our lives assuming we will live forever instead of present day possibly being our last on this Earth?

We spend an eternity on Netflix living someone else’s life, spend hours scrolling through different social media news feeds or going out to create experiences for the sole purpose of posting them online.

We’re constantly revisiting the past in our minds or day dreaming about the future. All so we can avoid the reality of the present moment.

But the truth is that the present moment is all that matters, for the present moment is the one true priceless gift we are all taking for granted.

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