The Ultimate Currency

What is the ultimate currency? As I have mentioned before, as a society, we have agreed that it is money. However, when you look closely, you will realize that there are two strong contenders for this position and neither are money.

The first one is time. Have you ever heard the saying “We don’t buy things with money. We buy them with hours from our lives”? The general idea behind it is simple. In order to earn money, we must work and working takes time. The amount of time we work is directly proportional to the amount of money we make.

If this is confusing to you, I’ll let you in on something I used to see my friends do in college. One day we were at H&M and my friend saw a $40 hoodie that she really wanted to get. In order to determine if it was worth buying, she compared it to how many hours it would take for her to earn that much of money.

If for example, she earned $8 an hour, then she would need to work for five full hours in order to afford that hoodie. So when trying to come up with a conclusion, she weighed the hoodie against five hours of work. At the end of the day, we all do the same without realizing it.

The second contender is happiness. Whatever we do is directly linked to the way we feel and the way we want to feel. There is another saying that goes “No amount of money can buy happiness”. But if happiness is the ultimate currency, what can it buy? And how can we earn it?

Let’s tackle the first question by thinking about why we want to be happy. This answer may vary between people but at the end of the day, everyone wants to feel emotional gratification and satisfaction from their lives. It is what we are all after. And that is what happiness can buy.

The second question is a lot easier to answer. How do you earn happiness? By doing things that make you happy. When you do something that you do not enjoy, you do not earn happiness from it and therefore you will never feel fully contended with your life.

You can be temporarily happy by using the money you get from it to do some things that you enjoy. However it will not last and once again you will go back to your job to earn more money to do the things that you enjoy. And the circle repeats itself as long as you live.

If you’re happy doing what you love, you will be satisfied no matter how much money you earn because you no longer need to use money to buy temporary things as a way to gain satisfaction from life.

Ultimately, happiness and time are both incredibly important in each of our lives. However, I genuinely believe happiness trumps all so I’ll leave you with this: do everything in your power to earn money from doing what what makes you happy.

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  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Hi Shana, I think it is an important question to look at – what makes us happy! I think every person has unique talents to contribute to the world. As an aside, is that your coin collection above or a stock photo? Just curious, I collect coins. : ) Rebecca


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