Liverpool Remain Six Points Clear

The Whole Story

The results of a football match never tell the whole story, and the recent Premiere League encounter between Liverpool and Tottenham prove exactly that.

With 69% possession from the red devils and more than three times the number of shots on goal, the winners of the match not only secure the top spot but also remain six points ahead of previous league winners, Manchester City.

Despite being one penalty ahead of equalizing, anyone who watched the match will confirm Liverpool were the better team.

Starting from Behind

Both teams started off full of energy, Tottenham more than Liverpool. They knew they needed to attack to have any chance at winning the game.

Son Heung-Min’s attempt from outside the penalty box deflected off Lovren’s head before hitting the top left corner of the goal post. The direction of the ball perfectly aligned with the head of Harry Kane who threw his body forward ensuring the encounter.

The ball flew into the right side of the goal faster than Alison Becker could recover from the previous attempt to try and stop this one. Luck was on Tottenham’s side leaving Liverpool behind at just forty-seven seconds into the game.

A Difficult Fist Half

After disapproving head shakes from Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool regain possession forcing Tottenham into a 4-5-1 position with the focus on defending their goal. Every now and then when the balance tips the other way, the Tottenham players can’t seem to communicate their actions well enough to score a goal despite ample opportunity.

Liverpool had a chance to score almost half an hour into the game with seven Spurs players targeting the Egyptian but Mohammad Salah’s attempt was blocked by a jump from Paulo Gazzaniga.

Roberto Firmino darted towards the ball that fell back inside the lines but then kicked it straight into the goalkeeper who was only then rising from his dive.

The Beginning of the Second Half

Whatever their coach drilled into their heads during half-time must have worked because Liverpool came back onto the pitch with only one thing on their mind.

Less than ten minutes later a long-kick from Fabinho sent the ball curling towards Henderson. He kicks the ball between the legs of Danny Rose who was blocking the goal keeper’s view resulting in an equalizer from Liverpool.

This only added fuel to the fire as Liverpool’s hope of winning the game became evident in the way that they played. They ran as fast as they could to the other half of the pitch once any of them had possession of the ball and worked to create opportunities that would have been successful if Tottenham’s goalkeeper had not been at his best.

The Goal that Mattered

Three quarters of the game had gone by and Liverpool continued to attack as Tottenham strengthened their defence. Sadio Mane’s run to win back the ball from Aurier saw the Spurs player kick his right foot out wide catching the back of Mane’s left leg. The Liverpool winger tumbled face forward into the ground, taking his opponent with him. It was a clear penalty.

All players stood in position as the referee blew his whistle. Mohammad Salah galloped three steps to his right before charging towards the ball and kicking it with his left foot. Paulo Gazzaniga bounced on his both feet as he waited to leap towards the direction of the ball.

Gazzaniga steps to the right assuming the ball’s direction but Salah sent the ball flying towards the left. The goalkeeper shifts his body weight to the opposite side as soon as he realizes his mistake but the ball flew past him too quickly. This put Liverpool one goal ahead of their opponents.

The End

After an intense game, Liverpool went home Champions as home fans did the same disappointed. Tottenham are now in 11th place and are 16 points behind the front-runners.

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