My Ideal New Language Study Plan: Part 2

Hey everyone,

If you haven’t already read part one, then I suggest you do so first. Otherwise, welcome to the second and final part of my ideal new language study plan. As I have mentioned in part one, this will focus mainly on the output part of the language learning process.

The sixth month – As someone who has always loved to write, there was no way I was about to give up on this opportunity. Writing is also a fantastic way to start of with the output process because I would not be as afraid making mistakes as I would be if speaking with someone else.

Writing will allow me to make mistakes without the fear of being judged, do it slowly so I can refer to anything whenever I need and train me to be able to produce the language.

I will start off with writing a little every single day about my daily life. This will help me learn vocabulary that is useful and relevant to me. Besides that, I can practice by writing short stories, poems, songs or even to-do lists in the language I am trying to learn.

The seventh month – Now comes the one part that all language learners fear the most, and that is speaking. And that is why I will do this slowly and in two parts. The first part will involve me getting a tutor on italki to speak to.

I will inform my tutor that it is my first time speaking the language to someone else, ask them to assess my level in the language and give me feedback on things I did well, things I needed to improve on and what steps to take next.

From there, I will continue to take lessons and progress with the language. I will try out multiple tutors to practice my speaking skills and become comfortable with the language.

The second part will also include using italki but this time I will look for language partners instead. This will allow me to assess how much of the language I am able to understand that is spoken in day to day use and by a native.

And that marks the end of my ideal new language study plan. Once I have completed this part, I will move on to trying to refine my language skills and reach conversational fluency.

Much Love,

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