Know Thyself- Future

Hey everyone,

This is the fourth part of the Know Thyself series. It is completely focused on the future because knowing what you want for your own future will allow us to better understand what we need to do now.

So much can happen in a day, much less, a year. So by this time, next year:

  1. I want to have completed my A level exams and have gotten my results.
  2. I hope to have traveled to a new country and had an amazing life changing experience.
  3. I want to have learned how to swim and be able to do it confidently.
  4. I would like to already be in University, or at least have been accepted to one.
  5. I hope I’d be at a B2 level in Spanish, approaching C1.
  6. I hope to have had the most amazing, memorable and fun 21st birthday party .
  7. I want to be consistent in my blogging and have posted at least twice a week.
  8. I want to travel more to new places within the country or overseas.

I’d love to have stories of adventure, ones that inspire people to get out of their daily routine and sprinkle something new and exciting into their life. I want to tell people about all the insane and incredible moments I have had in every single country I have visited, and I would like to have visited over a hundred different countries by then.

I want to tell stories of happiness, friendship and love. I want to have memories of speaking Spanish in a small town in Spain, speaking French in a lavish restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower and speaking German to the football players of Bayern Munich.

I want to have memories that allow me to close my eyes and go back to any moment in time and it would be one that I am glad to have had.

If money was no object, I would be living in condominium next to the beach in Barcelona, Spain. I’d work as a gynecologist in one of the hospitals there and I’d make a trip to a different place in Europe or Latin America once every two weeks. I would attend a football match in England, Spain, France or Germany every month.

Ideally, I would not be anxious or worried about anything. It’s weird to write this now and realize that this is all I truly want in my life, but that is the truth.

Thanks for reading. These questions really put things into perspective and I enjoy learning about myself. Until next time.

Much Love,


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