Spanish Football Challenge Review

Hey everyone,

To tell you the truth, I have been procrastinating this post. The ten days of reading an entire article in Spanish and then summarizing it took up a lot of effort from my part. I was bombarded with so much new information every day that my brain felt like it was overworking itself. I needed a break, and so I took it.

The challenge worked wonders for me. I expanded my Spanish vocabulary, improved my reading and writing skills as well as became more familiar with certain verb conjugations that were commonly used in writing.

Post challenge, I continue to read ESPN Sports articles in Spanish and have been able to understand between 60-90% of all the articles I have read which I think is pretty good considering my A2 level in the language.

Although this has come to an end, I will definitely read and summarize some articles I have read and post them on this blog because the benefits are astounding.

As promised, I intend to keep the blog short so I will end here. I am so glad I decided to take on this challenge and look forward to taking more language challenges like these in the future.

Much Love,


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