Light up Singapore

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is like taking a stroll into an entirely new world. The shades of green around you with hints of colour from the flowers contrast the concrete jungle that is the tiny island itself.


The large towering trees known as the Supertree Grove put on a light show in the night. From the ground, the public marvel at the dancing assembly of lights while the music transforms the scene. The fifteen-minute long spectacle can only be seen twice a day at either 7:45pm or 8:45pm.

While the show itself is free, you can choose to purchase a ticket that allows you to watch it from the OCBC Skywalk. According to reviews, it is the best place to watch it from. However, you can still watch it from the ground although it may give you a sore neck from looking up for so long.

The waterfall inside the Cloud Forest. The picture is not mine.

Described as a mysterious world veiled in mist, The Cloud Forest is the second most popular attraction in the garden. Upon entrance, you come face to face with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. At 35 meters, it sits inside a greenhouse-like glass dome surrounded by orchids, pitcher plants and ferns.

As with the Supertree Grove, you have the option to stand in awe of the waterfall from the ground or choose to wait in line and take an elevator up to the top of the waterfall. Either way, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime.


The least popular of the three, the Flower Dome is without a doubt the most time-consuming attraction at Gardens by the Bay. A piece of advice to anyone who plans to visit, keep aside at least an hour for this attraction alone. While it might not look like much from the outside, the inside proves otherwise.

It truly is heaven on earth for nature lovers. From the Baobabs to the Succulent Garden, there are hundreds of different types of flowers, plants and trees that can be appreciated even by those who do not know much about them. However, the most impressive attraction there is the sculpture of a dragon carved in wood that sits upon a large tree trunk in one of the corners.

whatsapp image 2019-01-18 at 12.16.22 pm (1)

Gardens by the Bay is worth it for people who study plants for a living, but also those who are just able to appreciate the beauty of nature. While it is not something a person would pay to experience for a second time, I would definitely come back to watch the light show at the Supertree Grove.

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